Planning  Commission

(5 year term)

The City’s Planning Commission primarily focuses its time and efforts on Site Plan Reviews, which consist of a proposed development for a specific site.  On occasion the Planning Commission also advises the City Council on comprehensive planning and zoning changes.  The Commission meets once a month.

Zoning Board of Appeals

(5 year term)                                     

The Zoning Board of Appeals ( ZBA ) hears appeals of decisions concerning the interpretation or enforcement of the City’s Zoning Ordinance.  These matters tend to be variances from the Zoning Code, such as set-back requirements or sign standards.  The ZBA is also frequently asked for area variances, which is an authorization for land use prohibited under the City’s Zoning Ordinance.  Other types of appeals being made include authorization for Non-Conforming Uses and Special Use Permits.  The ZBA meets 9 to 10 times per year.

Board of Assessment Review

(5 year term)

The Board of Assessment Review is a quasi-judicial body whose purpose is to hear formal assessment complaints and make determinations each year.  Grievance day is the first Tuesday in May.  The board must consist of not less than three or more than five members, with staggered five year terms running from 10/1 to 9/30.  They are required to have knowledge of property values.  They are required to be at least 18 years old, US citizens and city residents.  Members are required to attend training upon their appointment or reappointment and receive certification.  Members are required to attend an organizational meeting prior to grievance day to elect a chairperson and attend to other matters.  Members are required to attend grievance day and any scheduled adjourned hearings.  At grievance day, they are required to take minutes, administer oaths and affirmations, take testimony, hear proofs, and request appearances and documentation as required.  After formal complaints have been heard, the board makes determinations at a separate meeting which is not open to the public.  They are required to submit a verified statement of changes to the assessor and notify the complainant of their determination.  The board is also required to attend a second meeting(s) later in the year pursuant to the correction of errors law.

Economic Loan Committee

(2 year term)

The City’s Economic Loan Committee reviews loan applications for low interest City loans intended to spur economic development and improve rental housing units.  The City provides these loans in the following categories: economic development loans, first floor retail rehabilitation loans, commercial upper-floor conversion loans, commercial and residential water and sanitary sewer lateral line loans, facade and rear or side elevation improvement loans and rental rehabilitation.  This Committee meets once a month.


Public Art Committee

(3 year term)

The City’s Public Art Committee focuses its efforts on individual art projects which enhance the quality of life in the community.  In the past, the Committee has assisted in the renovation of the People Wall located in City Hall.  Currently they are assigned the task of recommending a new location for the Frederick Carder stained glass window owned by the City.  The Committee meets on an as needed basis.

Board of Health

(3 year term)

The Board of Health shall perform such duties as may be required by the provisions of the Public Health Law of 

the State of New York and the ordinances of the City of Corning.  The Board meets on an as needed basis.


Design Review Committee

(2 year term)

The Market Street Design Review Committee reviews proposed signage within the Market Street Historic District and selected cross streets.  The Committee’s intent is to promote the historic streetscape, and to create an attractive economic and business climate through appropriate signage for businesses and organizations.  The Committee reviews proposed signage according to design criteria for size, colors, materials, style, and illumination.  The Committee meets monthly provided there are pending applications.  The Committee’s recommendations are forwarded to the City for consideration for issuance of required permits.

Historic Preservation Commission

(5 year term)

The City of Corning Preservation Commission meets approximately 4 times a year.  This Commission was

created to:

  1. Protect and enhance the historic landmarks which represent distinctive elements of the City of Corning’s historic, architectural and cultural past;
  2. Foster civic pride in the accomplishments of the past;
  3. Protect and enhance the City of Corning’s attractiveness to visitors and support the stimulus to the economy thereby provided; and
  4. Insure the harmonious, orderly and efficient growth and economically feasible development of the City of Corning’s historic assets.