City Council Committees


Strategic Review Executive Committee

Once annually, in advance of the adoption of the annual operating budget, the Executive Committee and the City Manager shall meet and discuss issues of strategic significance, goals, and needs of the City Manager and the City Council in collaborating to execute the strategic plan of the City, and any changes to the compensation plan of the City Manager.


Mayor Boland — Chairman

Deputy Mayor Hunt

Councilmember Paterson


Code Committee

Review recommended changes or additions to the City Code and prepare recommendations for City Council consideration.


Bill Boland – Chairman

Councilmember ReSue

Councilmember Hyde 


Commercial Mixed-Use Incentive Board

Periodically evaluate and amend, a Benefit Plan to provide property tax incentives for the redevelopment of commercial and mixed-use properties in accordance with NYS Real Property Tax Law 485-n.


 Councilmember Muccini— Chairman

 Councilmember Telehany

 Councilmember Coccho


Council Pension Reporting Committee

Review work related activity logs submitted by members of the City Council who are enrolled in the New York State Retirement System. Prepare Standard Work Day Reporting resolution for the City Council’s consideration. This includes reviewing activities submitted by Councilmen for reasonableness, as required by the NYS Comptroller's Office.


 Councilmember Telehany — Chairman

 Councilmember Hyde

 Councilmember   ReSue       


Rules & Proceedings/Code of Conduct Committee

Periodically review the “Rules and Proceedings of the City Council” to recommend to the City Council any changes, as well as determine validity of suggested changes made by members of the City Council and/or the City Manager.


 Councilmember ReSue – Chairman

 Councilmember Coccho

 Councilmember Clark


Loan Review Committee

The City’s Loan Review Committee reviews loan applications for low interest City loans intended to spur economic development and improve rental housing units.  The City provides these loans in the following categories: economic development loans, first floor retail rehabilitation loans, commercial upper-floor conversion loans, commercial and residential water and sanitary sewer lateral line loans, facade and rear or side elevation improvement loans and rental rehabilitation.  The Committee meets once a month.


Councilmember Clark



Assist the Mayor and City Council Committee Chairmen in clarifying and applying Robert's Rules of Order, the City Council Rules and Proceedings and the Open Meetings Law.

Councilmember Muccini

Public Art 

Councilmember Hyde

Corning Housing Partnership

Mayor Boland